Welcome to Scottish Foldery cattery. . .

My name is Kim.

Along with my husband, Billy, and daughter, Chloe, we raise Scottish Folds in our home located in sunny South Florida. Our kittens are raised underfoot and given lots of love and attention. 

All our cats/kittens are registered with TICA and we enjoy exhibiting our beautiful fur babies at TICA shows whenever we are able.

Growing up I always had a pet cat. I would hold their ears down and say, " I wish there was a cat with folded ears!". Little did I know that in 1961 the first Scottish Fold was discovered on a farm in Scotland and soon the adorable kitties with the unusual ears became a recognized breed around the world.

Fast forward a few years . . . . and after much research . . . this charming breed found its way into our home — and most of all into my heart.

I befriended Anna Babina from Russia who breeds Scottish Folds under the Anixtar cattery name. I imported all of our fluffy loves from her. Anna is a wonderful mentor and has helped me tremendously.

It is now my passion to breed healthy, beautiful and loving Scottish Folds — and to share these rare treasures with others.

The Scottish Foldery kitties enjoy just hanging out . . .

Did you hear that?

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