These are the Girls of Scottish Foldery . . .


Machita Caramelka of Scottishfoldery


Blue Cream Spotted Tabby and White Straight Scottish Long Hair

Sire: CH. Apollo Pride My World
Mild Bliss Selena

I was lucky to receive Caramel from Machita Cattery in Russia. Jenya has been a long time friend and mentor to me. When I saw Caramel I had to have her! That face speaks volumes!! She is the cutest!

Very curious character, extremely loving and reminds me of a cartoon character!!


Demaris Olivia of Scottishfoldery


Tortie Silver and White Harlequin Straight Scottish Short Hair

Sire: Demaris Plomber
Demaris Lory-Bleu

I waited a long time for Olivia!! I was expecting her in March and then Covid happened!! She came to me from Demaris Cattery in Barnaul Russia, Vasilina is the envy of many Russian breeders with her many years of experience and many wins in the show hall!

Olivia is a blessing... full of love and energy! I am blessed to have her in my breeding program!

Demaris Delila of Scottishfoldery


Blue Cream Silver Tabby & White Van Straight Scottish Long Hair

Sire: CH. Demaris Bantik
Silk Road's Caroline

Sweet baby Delilah came to me at 4 months old. I plan to take to her to a couple shows! She is such a beautiful cat and a wonderful example of her breed. She is a carrier of odd eyes and I will be breeding her next year after she turns 1 yr old!

She is full of herself and definitely knows how beautiful she is! A little princess! Craves attention and loves food!!


CH Scottisfoldery Allana My Love


Blue Cream Torbie/BiColor Straight Scottish Short Hair

Sire: DGC Anixtar Deluxe
Dam: Diamond-Cats Blanchett 

More Photos of Allana

Allana was my pick of the litter in 2018! She has a beautiful coat and coloring, her eyes are magical and her features are round! Just as the breed requires . . . She has the sweetest temperament; loves everyone and hooman food! This girl can eat! LOL.

CH Dzhumana Tan Tsvetalina


Black Siver Classic Torbie/BiColor Scottish Straight Long Hair

Retired female looking for a wonderful pet home...

Sire:  Merrylong's Lucas
Dam: CH O*Kay Laura British Drea

More Photos of Lina

Lina is a gorgeous cat, with a personality to match! Her eyes have a delightful expression  and her tail plume is extraordinary. She is very charismatic, playful and fun. She always makes us laugh and gives great massages . . .

Diamond-Cats Blanchett


Brown Classic Torbie Scottish Straight Short Hair

Sire: Sladkiy Son Zephyr
Dam: Diamond-Cats Sandra

More Photos of Blanche

Blanche is the newest member of our family.  She is a gorgeous cat with a big personality and an even bigger appetite! Her eyes are absolutely dynamic, so round and large! She is a beautiful example of a Scottish Straight shorthair. She came right in and immediately was at home. Such a joy to have!

Our Retired Queens

Below are photos of queens that have been retired from our breeding program . . .

CH Phanagoreria Hanna


Blue Spotted Torbie Scottish Straight Long Hair

Sire: Phanagoreria Elim
Dam: Phanagoreria Lanessa

More Photos of Hanna

Hanna is retired and living a wonderful pampered pet life with Meredith in Florida.


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