Scottish Foldery currently has two beautiful studs . . .


SGC Machita Quentin of Scottishfoldery


Red Classic Tabby/BiColor SFL

TICA's SE Region Best Scottish Fold Longhair Kitten of 2018-2019
TICA's SE Region Best Scottish Fold Longhair Championship Cat of 2018-2019

Sire:  CH Apollo Pride My World
Dam: Apollo Pride Anabelle

More Photos of Quentin

Quentin came to us from Russia at 4 months old. His amazing disposition and loving nature caused me to immediately fall in love! We started showing him as a kitten and he was immediately sucessful in the show ring. He received his SGC title in 2 shows at 9 months old, which is AMAZING!! I cannot wait to see his first offspring due in June 2019!                

DGCH Anixtar Deluxe


Brown Classic Tabby/BiColor SFL

TICA's 2018 Best Scottish Fold Longhair of the Year
TICA's 2018 Best Black Tabby/White Scottish Fold Longhair of the Year

Sire:  CH Watson Foldberry
Dam: CH Murfold Jenevieva

More Photos of Deluxe

Deluxe is a real charmer. He is a wonderful companion — a real "people cat" that follows us from room to room, always wanting to be with the family. He revels in being rubbed and scratched under his neck. He is a sweetheart with a soft meow. Deluxe has beautifully folded ears, mesmerizing eyes and a gorgeous, soft coat.

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